What’s new in Signal Visualizer

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In Advanced Signal Visualizer filters can be applied on loaded channels

Asvanced Signal Visualizers allows user to apply filters on the loaded channels. Available post-processing filters are: low-pass, high-pass, band-bass and band-stop filters.

In Advanced Signal Visualizer zero offset can be applied on loaded channels

Advanced Signal Visualizers allows user to apply zero-offset on the loaded channels. Zero-Offset can be calculated starting from values of a specific tiime

Clipboard on the Cloud

With Strip Chart and ASV, users can copy chart in the Clipboard on the Cloud and paste data in the Advanced Signal Visualizer. It is called Clipboard on the Cloud because data is not copied in the local clipboard; in this way, copy and paste can be done in two differenct PCs.Once data has been pasted in the Advanced Signals Visualizer, signal can be manipulated as any other other signal loaded from a file.

In Advanced Signal Visualizer, files can be loaded from the Cloud

Advanced Signal Visualizer supports Cloud. When the application starts, users can choose if load a file on the local drive or a file on the Cloud. Advanced Signal Visualizer supports:+ Drop Box+ Google Drive+ One Drive

Advanced Signal Visualizer supports tabular view

With Advanced Signal Visualizer, loaded channels can be visualized also in a table. A handy cursor correlates the position on the table with the position on the graph.