DBMS for Lilium

Data Exchange tool for MES/ERP – Industry 4.0


Relase date: 28 September 2019

Discover DBMS for Lilium

A powerful tool to integrate data from production plant into ERP/MES and third party Databases, to monitor and control production data as well as process data and trace all information of your machinery.

DBMS is a worker for Lilium that transfers Digital Factory 4.0 Kernel data into interface database with  MES.

Interface Database is the standard structure for T4SM.

Thanks to DBMS Worker for Lilium, all received data from Digital Factory 4.0 Kernel are associated to the machinery of origin and to the batch so that the traceability of the work performed and the resources used can be managed precisely.

DBMS Worker for Lilium is the basis for entering the Industry 4.0.





  • Storage of information using on the fly differential analysis, to minimize used space on DB
  • Use of Data aggregation algorithm to reduce band utilization and DB load
  • Custom configuration of “delta” values per channel to fulfill customer’s requirements
  • Support of MS-SQL, mySQL and Maria DB
  • Automatic generation of reports with statistics, sent by emails to production management team
  • Notification of occurred errors and automatically recovering form errors like communication breaks, uncompleted data
  • Storage of data acquired from machinery into MES/ERP database