Modbus Driver for iDaq

Read and write data with ModBus slave devices


Relase date: 01 October 2018

Discover Modbus Driver for iDaq

ModBus Driver is a component for iDaq that provide ModBus communication from any standard Ethernet or serial port.
The ModBus protocol follows a master and slave architecture where a master transmits a request to a slave and waits for the response. This architecture gives the master full control over the flow of information, which has benefits on older multidrop serial networks. ModBus manages the access of data simply and flexibly. Natively, ModBus supports two data types: Boolean value and unsigned 16-bit integer; they correspond to coil and register ModBus memory block, respectively.
ModBus for iDaq is a component for iDaq that reads and writes data with ModBus slave devices connected through either an Ethernet or a serial connection.


  • Quick setup
  • Read and write access
  • Signals acquired from ModBus devices are managed by iDaq in the same way as DAQ-mx devices
  • Driver supports both coil and register memory blocks
  • Ethernet and serial communication are supported
  • No special skills are required to acquire data from ModBus devices