cRIO Driver for iDaq

Acquire your signals from cRIO and sbRIO product Family

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Relase date: 02 October 2018

Discover cRIO Driver for iDaq

CompactRIO Driver is a component for iDaq that permits to transmit real-time signals to iDaq through a TCP/IP connection. With this component you can create a peer to peer connection between your CompactRIO and iDaq.
CompactRIO Driver Component can be used with all the National Instruments products that support LabVIEW Real-time applications. This group of products includes CompactRIO (cRIO), Single board RIO (sbRIO), and myRIO. CompactRIO Driver Component is versatile since it supports any acquisition board connected to your Real-time device. Any channels of any acquisition device can be sent to iDaq for datalogging, visualization or processing. Even virtual channels created in your Real-time application can be shared with iDaq.
CompactRIO Driver Component is distributed with cRIO SDK, an easy-to-use LabVIEW library. This library includes a limited number of VIs to be used in your Real-Time application for data transmission to iDaq.


  • Quick set-up
  • Automatic identification of connected CompactRIO devices
  • Signals acquired from CompactRIO devices are managed by iDaq in the same way as DAQ-mx devices
  • Easy-to-use SDK (cRIO SDK) for the Real-Time application
  • No special skills are required to acquire data from CompactRIO devices