Strip Chart

The Essential tool to visualize low and Medium speed signals


Relase date: 02 October 2018

Discover Strip Chart

Strip Chart is a powerful solution for everyone who needs to monitor and log analog signals. Its amazing interface specifically designed for touch screen displays makes Strip Chart the most used software for monitoring and data logging. Strip Chart includes Triggers to quickly program when recording sessions have to start and stop. It also includes

  • Parametric filters to remove noise from your signals,
  • One-Click Zero Offset to properly set up your measurement sessions,
  • Record On Boot Feature to log data in case of power fault

and many new functionalities that you'll love from the first time.


  • Data exportation into CSV format compatible with MS-Excel and third party applications
  • Data are stored into TDMS and DSV (Delimited-Separated Values) format compatible with MS-Excel and third party applications
  • File splitting of a unique recording session according to the number of sample, recording time, or date
  • Zero offset
  • Intuitive interface to help user in every step
  • Perfect for non technical user
  • Acquired signal can be exported in DSV format (Delimited Separator Values)