A complete, easy and fast oscilloscope for your tests and measurements


Relase date: 02 October 2018

Discover Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope is an Addon for iDaq. Oscilloscope for iDaq has been developed through LabVIEW libraries. Thanks to iDaq features, Oscilloscope receives and display signals from different National Instruments acquisition boards, local and/remote.
Oscilloscope for iDaq is the best solution for everyone needs a quick and easy tool to view and analyze waveforms. It includes easy-to-use front-panel controls that permits you to spend less time learning and more time on your task. The measurement and the results are taken and displayed so you have confidence that what you see on the screen is what is happening on your National Instrument board.
Thanks to its touch-oriented interface and to iDaq capabilities, you can visualize your signals on your tablet wherever you are.


  • Data exportation into CSV format compatible with MS-Excel and third party applications
  • Easy-to-use fron-panel controls
  • Supports four real channels and two virtual channels
  • Several type of measurements: frequency, period, amplitude, mean value, max value, min value, and RMS value
  • Coupling: AC/DC
  • Two on-track cursors
  • Different probe values, from 1X to 100X
  • Auto scale
  • Data are stored into TDMS and DSV (Delimited-Separated Values) format compatible with MS-Excel and third party applications
  • Exploiting iDaq features, it permits to connect and select channels of different National Instruments devices, whether local or remote