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Relase date 02 October 2018
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Communication library for LabVIEW

SCCT is a communication library available on a wide range of platforms and programming languages. SCCT allows creating applications that exchange data with heterogeneous systems from tablets to Linux workstations. SCCT lets you implement true data streaming solutions. SCCT cares of all communication details and handles data transmission so you don't have to. With SCCT you can create powerful cross-platform solutions in few minutes. SCCT helps boost your productivity while saving you time and money.
SCCT is a new era in Distributed Computing: creating applications on different platforms that share data and delegate computation and visualization to a network of heterogeneous devices has never been so easy!
SCCT is required to use iDaq SDK.


  • High level APIs to exchange data among applications on heterogeneous platforms
  • Unlimited number of connections at the same time
  • Available as ADD-ON for LabVIEW 2010 or higher
  • High performance for distribute computing
  • Systems Support for Windows and Real Time OS of cRIO and sbRIO families
  • Optimized to minimize band utilization
  • Certified toolkit, available on LabVIEW TOOLS network
  • Bidirectional transmission of 2D arrays
  • Filtering at server side of analog data and 2D arrays
  • Multilanguage support

Price 990.00 €

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