Universal Driver for iDaq

Generic PC-Based Device for iDaq

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Relase date 02 October 2018
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Universal Driver for iDaq

Universal Driver is a component for iDaq that allows you to send real-time signals from a PC-based application to iDaq through a TCP/IP connection. Thank to this component you can create a peer to peer connection between your PC-based application and iDaq.
Universal Driver for iDaq is distributed with Universal Driver SDK, an easy-to-use LabVIEW library which includes a limited number of VIs to be used in your application for data transmission to iDaq.
With this component, you can acquire data from any type of source and share acquired data with iDaq.


  • Quick setup
  • Automatic identification of connected Universal Driver devices
  • Acquisition of analog and digital signals
  • Signals acquired from Universal Driver devices are managed by iDaq in the same way as DAQ-mx devices
  • Easy-to-use SDK for the PC-based application
  • No special skills are required to acquire data from Universal Driver devices

Price 1290.00 €

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