CameraLite for iDaq

Acquire images from USB camers

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Relase date 02 October 2018
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CameraLite for iDaq - Acquisition from USB cameras using DirectShow

CameraLite is a component for iDaq that permits to acquire images from USB cameras.
With respect to CameraPRO component, that also supports Direct Show cameras, CameraLite component does not require Vision Acquisition Software and NI-IMAQdx driver.


  • It automatically identifies and configures all the connected cameras supported by Direct Show
  • It does not require NI-IMAQdx driver
  • It does not require Vision Acquisition Software
  • Editable video size
  • Editable frame rate
  • Acquired images are distributed as JPG image format
  • No special skills are required to acquire video from a camera
  • Quick setup