What’s new in Transfer Function

Discover the latest features of Transfer Function

Data Logging

Custom System Decimal Point for DSV files

Data Separated Values (DSV) files saved by iDaq ADD-ONs can be configured to use system Decimal Point indicated in MS-Windows settings, instead of ".".

Enhanced User Experience

Channel selection enhanced interface

Channel selection dialog includes new amazing features to simplify channels selection: Select All and Deselect All buttons, with a right click on channel name user can Include/Exclude all channels from the same acquisition device.

Selection by device in the channel selection window

In the Channel Selection Window, using a right click all the channels with the same device can be selected.

In the Session Selection Window, a thumbnail of each created session is shown

The new Session Selection Window shows all existing-session thumbnails at a glance.

in iDaq ADD-ONs, existing sessions are deletable

New Session Selection Window allows users to delete existing session in ease.

New way for editing of communication parameters of exisiting session

In iDaq ADD-ONs, the new Session Selection Window allows users to edit communication parameters of existing sessions in ease. User can connect to a CompactDAQ, CompactRIO or any other iDaq device, local or remote, in a few clicks.

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be created on the Cloud

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be saved in:* DropBox* Google Drive* Microsoft OneDrive