In the Session Selection Window, a thumbnail of each created session is shown (New Feature WNF-0128)

The new Session Selection Window shows all existing-session thumbnails at a glance.

Selection by device in the channel selection window (New Feature WNF-0127)

In the Channel Selection Window, using a right click all the channels with the same device can be selected.

New way for editing of communication parameters of exisiting session (New Feature WNF-0134)

In iDaq ADD-ONs, the new Session Selection Window allows users to edit communication parameters of existing sessions in ease. User can connect to a CompactDAQ, CompactRIO or any other iDaq device, local or remote, in a few clicks.

in iDaq ADD-ONs, existing sessions are deletable (New Feature WNF-0133)

New Session Selection Window allows users to delete existing session in ease.

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be created on the Cloud (New Feature WNF-0137)

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be saved in:
* DropBox
* Google Drive
* Microsoft OneDrive


Transfer Function has unified interface style (New Feature )

Transfer Function adopts a new interface style with orange buttons and slides designed in order to take advantage of touch screen displays. However, this interface is suitable for mouse.

Exportation palette (New Feature )

Transfer Function has a new exportation palette that allows users to: export transfer function data to clipboard. export chart image to clipboard, export transfer function data to file, and export chart image to file.