What’s new in Strip Chart

Discover the latest features of Strip Chart

Data Logging

Automatic Defragment of TDMS Files

When TDMS are used to log data, an automatic defragment procedure is performed at logging completion. Defragmented TDMS files use less disk space and are loaded into memory in a shorter time.

Send notifications via WhatsApp

Trigger management includes new action to send WhatsApp messages. Setting up this action is very simple and allows to be informed when a recording session is started or stopped.

"Recording at Startup" Feature

This feature allows to start recording automatically when an ADD-ON is lunched, if it was recording when it terminated last execution. Take advantage of this feature for unsupervised recording sessions, long measurement campains and when your data logger has to start recording automatically in case of power OFF /power ON sequences.

Send Notification via email

Trigger management includes new action to send email messages. Setting up this action is very simple and allows to be informed when a recording session is started or stopped.

Custom System Decimal Point for DSV files

Data Separated Values (DSV) files saved by iDaq ADD-ONs can be configured to use system Decimal Point indicated in MS-Windows settings, instead of ".".

Shutdown when recording session is completed

Trigger management includes a new action to shutdown iDaq or the machine. Setting up this action is very simple.

Reproduce a sound for notification

Trigger management includes a new action that reproduce a sound when a trigger event occurs. Setting up this action is very simple and allows to be informed when a recording session is started or stopped.

Trigger on GPS position

Trigger management includes a new trigger on GPS position. A recording session can be started or stopped when the acquired GPS position changes over a specific limit. This trigger can be useful for in-vehicle systems.

iDaq Addons support storage on the Cloud

iDaq ADD-ONS included in base distributions manage recording sessions on the cloud based on:* DropBox* Google Drive* Microsoft OneDrive

More details added to the waveforms saved in DSV

DSV files has an header reach of information regaridng saved channels:* Channel name* Resource name* Device name* Unit of measurement* time stamp of the first sample* sampling period

Smart indexing of saved channels

A smart indexing of channels can be performed when required. If different channels with the same name and device are saved, an index is appended to the channel name in order to avoid channel mixing. Channel indexing is performed only if necessary

Storage: custom frequency

Gli add-on d iDaq permettono di salvare i segnali con una frequenza personalizzata, diversa da quelle disponibili.

Enhanced User Experience

ADDONS have new buttons and easy-to-understand icons

ADD-ON interfaces have new buttons with re-designed icons to allows immediate comprehension of every functionality. Common functionalities have a new unified interface and button style. Most used features have been grouped and designed to be easily activated with one click.

Signal identification by mouse click

In Strip Chart you can select and edit a signal by clicking on its trace. Strip Chart identifies automatically the closest signal to your click and display a signal settings palette that allows to edit its aspect (color, and line width) and apply a filter or a zero offset function. Moreover, from signal palette, you can setup "start" and "stop" triggers to manage recording sessions according to signal values.

Built-in ADD-ONs have unified interface style

All built-in ADD-ONs have s a new interface style with orange buttons and slides designed in order to take advantage of touch screen displays. Icons and pop-up messages are more readable.

New Device Error Dialog

When a device is Error State, its status led becomes red. click on device status led and the error dialog is displayed. Error dialog displays all detected errors on selected device and with Search Online button, iDaq opens the error page on www.ni.com or www.idaq-datalogger.com website to display details about detected error and how to fix it.

Channel selection enhanced interface

Channel selection dialog includes new amazing features to simplify channels selection: Select All and Deselect All buttons, with a right click on channel name user can Include/Exclude all channels from the same acquisition device.

Locking of ADD-ONs from iDaq

For ADD-ON version only, the application can be locked from iDaq. When iDaq is locked, some features are locked too (editing, saving, etc...).

New Action to acivate DIAdem scripts on trigger switch

A new action can be associated to trigger switches, that runs DIAdem and opens a selected VBscript. With this new action, iDaq and DIAdem can cooperate to create reports when a recording session ends, or to visualize recorded data in a specific manner.

New Action to run third party commands

A new action can be associated to trigger switches, that executes comands from a command line console. With this new action, iDaq can operate with third-party applications to create reports, visualize and process recorded data automatically.

iDaq ADD-ONs have enhanced interface for recording sessions selection and creation

ADD-ONs included in iDaq base distribution share a new enhanced interface to create and open recording sessions. New interface includes multiple previews, fast editing of connection settings, fast deletion and easy access to Cloud storage base on DropBox, GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Selection by device in the channel selection window

In the Channel Selection Window, using a right click all the channels with the same device can be selected.

In the Session Selection Window, a thumbnail of each created session is shown

The new Session Selection Window shows all existing-session thumbnails at a glance.

in iDaq ADD-ONs, existing sessions are deletable

New Session Selection Window allows users to delete existing session in ease.

New way for editing of communication parameters of exisiting session

In iDaq ADD-ONs, the new Session Selection Window allows users to edit communication parameters of existing sessions in ease. User can connect to a CompactDAQ, CompactRIO or any other iDaq device, local or remote, in a few clicks.

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be created on the Cloud

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be saved in:* DropBox* Google Drive* Microsoft OneDrive

User can customize X-Scale in StripChart

User can define custom values for Strip chart X scale adding a new keyword is setup.ini file. To modify the list of x size values, modify file C:\iDaq\addons\StripChart\setup.ini In general section modify the values of the key customXSizeValues, separated by a semicolon, as illustrated in following example: customXSizeValues=10;20;50;500;1000;5000;3600


Minimization of CPU usage

Strip Chart and Easy Data Logger allow users to disable the refresh of real-time signals. When visualization is disabled, acquisition and saving are not affected by the visualization status. This feature is useful to minimize CPU Utilization on embedded systems such embedded CompactDAQ that operates as unsupervised data logger.


Strip Chart available as FREE standalone application

Strip Chart is now a FREE Standalone application, fully featured, that can be installed on unlimited numebr of PC and connect to your Acquistion system via iDaq. Use Strip Chart to monitor your production lines, execute measurement campaings everywhere. Strip Chart is a FREE data logging solution capable to manage signals acquired from a wide set of device: more than 400 National Instruments acquisition boards.

Configurable signal rate in Strip Chart

Strip Chart visualizes real-time signals in its main chart. New version allows to change rate of visualized signals from 100 Hz up to 10.000 Hz.

Images can be customized with Auto-Zoom

For images acquired and visualized with Easy Data Logger, autozoom or image size can be set. When autozoom is enabled, image is fit to the picture default size.

User can customize digit of precision for every visualized channel

User can customize the digit of precision count for every signal visualized in right side of stripChart Window. To edit Digit count, click on channel name and select "Digit" button from channel palette.

In Strip Chart, line width is customizable

Strip Chart allows users to completly customize visualization. About line width, users can select one of the following values: thin, medium, thick.

In Strip Chart, line style is customizable

Strip Chart allows users to completly customize visualization. About line style, users can select one of the following values: continuous line, dotted line, and dash-dot line.

In Strip Chart, point style is customizable

Strip Chart allows users to completly customize visualization. About point style, users can select one of the following values: no point, dot, square, and cross.

Automatic definition of decimal digits for time axis

In Strip Chart, decimal digits of time scale are shown or hidden according to the time scale length. If time scale length is more than 5 seconds, Strip Chart automatically hides decimal digits. However, users can set visibility of decimal digits according to their needs.

Clipboard on the Cloud

With Strip Chart and ASV, users can copy chart in the Clipboard on the Cloud and paste data in the Advanced Signal Visualizer. It is called Clipboard on the Cloud because data is not copied in the local clipboard; in this way, copy and paste can be done in two differenct PCs.Once data has been pasted in the Advanced Signals Visualizer, signal can be manipulated as any other other signal loaded from a file.

Management of multiple scales

Strip Chart shows multiple scales according to the ranges of channels in use. With this new feature, signals coming from different sensors can be compared even more easily.

Customization of iDaq environment

Multiple preset chart styles

Strip Chart includes 8 preset chart styles to visualize real-time signals. User can edit preset styles and create its own graph styles.

Sensor and Device Configuration

Salvataggio dei dati digitali insieme a quelli analogici

Una nuova opzione per abilitare il salvataggio dei segnali digitali. Se abilitata, essi sono salvati nello stesso file dove vengono scritti i dati analogici.

Storage of digital signals

A new option to enable storage of digital signals has been added. If enabled, digital signals are saved in the same file where analog data are written.