What’s new in Square Wave Analyzer

Discover the latest features of Square Wave Analyzer

Enhanced User Experience

ADDONS have new buttons and easy-to-understand icons

ADD-ON interfaces have new buttons with re-designed icons to allows immediate comprehension of every functionality. Common functionalities have a new unified interface and button style. Most used features have been grouped and designed to be easily activated with one click.

Channel selection enhanced interface

Channel selection dialog includes new amazing features to simplify channels selection: Select All and Deselect All buttons, with a right click on channel name user can Include/Exclude all channels from the same acquisition device.

Selection by device in the channel selection window

In the Channel Selection Window, using a right click all the channels with the same device can be selected.

In the Session Selection Window, a thumbnail of each created session is shown

The new Session Selection Window shows all existing-session thumbnails at a glance.

in iDaq ADD-ONs, existing sessions are deletable

New Session Selection Window allows users to delete existing session in ease.

New way for editing of communication parameters of exisiting session

In iDaq ADD-ONs, the new Session Selection Window allows users to edit communication parameters of existing sessions in ease. User can connect to a CompactDAQ, CompactRIO or any other iDaq device, local or remote, in a few clicks.

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be created on the Cloud

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be saved in:* DropBox* Google Drive* Microsoft OneDrive

Data Logging

Custom System Decimal Point for DSV files

Data Separated Values (DSV) files saved by iDaq ADD-ONs can be configured to use system Decimal Point indicated in MS-Windows settings, instead of ".".