Duplicate session (New Feature )

Existing sessions can be duplicated from the Select Session Window


More details added to the waveforms saved in DSV (New Feature WNF-0124)

DSV files has an header reach of information regaridng saved channels:
* Channel name
* Resource name
* Device name
* Unit of measurement
* time stamp of the first sample
* sampling period

Smart indexing of saved channels (New Feature WNF-0125)

A smart indexing of channels can be performed when required. If different channels with the same name and device are saved, an index is appended to the channel name in order to avoid channel mixing. Channel indexing is performed only if necessary

In the Session Selection Window, a thumbnail of each created session is shown (New Feature WNF-0128)

The new Session Selection Window shows all existing-session thumbnails at a glance.

Selection by device in the channel selection window (New Feature WNF-0127)

In the Channel Selection Window, using a right click all the channels with the same device can be selected.

New way for editing of communication parameters of exisiting session (New Feature WNF-0134)

In iDaq ADD-ONs, the new Session Selection Window allows users to edit communication parameters of existing sessions in ease. User can connect to a CompactDAQ, CompactRIO or any other iDaq device, local or remote, in a few clicks.

in iDaq ADD-ONs, existing sessions are deletable (New Feature WNF-0133)

New Session Selection Window allows users to delete existing session in ease.

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be created on the Cloud (New Feature WNF-0137)

Session of iDaq ADD-ONs can be saved in:
* DropBox
* Google Drive
* Microsoft OneDrive


Oscilloscope has unified interface style (New Feature )

Oscilloscope adopts a new interface style with orange buttons and slides designed in order to take advantage of touch screen displays. However, this interface is suitable for mouse.

Time position control (New Feature )

Time position control allows user to change time position of all the traces.

Added new values for probe (New Feature )

Available probe values: 1x, 10x, 50x, 100x, 500x, and 1000x.

Added new values for time division (New Feature )

Several values for time division are available: from 1 us up to 500 ms.

Signals are not aligned according to their timestamp (Fixed Issue )

Even if acquired sgnals have different timestamps, Oscilloscope shows them aligned. This prevents viewing of phase differences.
Build fixes this issue: signals are showns according to their timestamps.

Frequency of the visualized signals is lower than the acquisition frequency (Fixed Issue )

Signals are shown with a defined visualization frequency. This could hide some high speed phenomena. This builds fix this issue: all the signals are visualized with maximum frequency (acquisition frequency).

Cursors are not visible if time scale changes (Fixed Issue )

When time scale changes, if cursors are enabled, they are not visible anymore. This build fix this issue: cursors are visible even if time scale changes.


Exportation palette (New Feature )

The exportation palette is available from the main interface. It allows users to: export graph data to clipboard and to file, and to export graph image to clipboard and to file.

Channels panel has a more intuitive interface (New Feature )

Channel panels has a new amazing interface that allows users to relate the trace on the graph to the associated channel panel.

Saving of analog input signals (New Feature )

This builds allows users to save acquired signals in a file. Supported file types are TDMS and DSV. Users can also set the frequency of saving and enable file splitting (for DSV files only).