Fast Fourier Transform for iDaq

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Relase date 02 October 2018
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Fast Fourier Transform for iDaq

FFT is a FREE ADD-ON for iDaq. FFT for iDaq is the best solution for everyone needs a quick and easy tool to display real-time Fourier Transform of signals.
Exploiting iDaq features, FFT supports connections with different devices, calculates and displays Fourier Transform of local and/or remote devices.
FFT for iDaq has a simple and easy interface and permits to get Fourier Transform of any signals in a few simple steps.


  • Visualization of magnitude and phase plot
  • Visualization of real and imaginary part plot
  • Table with frequency and amplitude for each signal tone
  • Several FFT calculation parameters, as windowing, averaging mode, and number of averages
  • Data exportation into CSV format compatible with MS-Excel and third party applications
  • Exportation of magnitude/phase plot and real/imaginary part plot as images
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Simple and quick setup
  • Exploiting iDaq features, it permits to connect and select channels of different National Instruments devices, whether local or remote