Digital data bufferization (New Feature )

Digital data is bufferized in order to make digital graph act as chart.

X-size palette selection (New Feature )

X-Size button has been added to th main interface. This button allows the selection of the x scale duration

Device name in the main panel (New Feature )

Device name is shown in the main panel

New palette to set trace properties (New Feature )

A new palette to set trace properties has been added. This palette allows user to set line color and line width.

Save/load line color (New Feature )

Line color is automatically saved. In this way, when session is reloaded, trace colors are restored.

Plot cursor (New Feature )

When chart is paused, a free cursor is shown.

Duplicate session (New Feature )

From the selection session Window, existing sessions can be duplicated.

Run-time menu for main interface (Fixed Issue )

A senseless run-time menu is shown in the main interface. It has been removed.

Build: Digital Gr