About us

TOOLS for SMART MINDS - T4SM - is an innovative company specialized in research and development of software for data collection and analysis and custom solutions for industries of Automotive, Aerospace, Mechanics, Energy & Infrastructure, Food & Beverage sectors.

Our mission is to create value for businesses, technicians, and researchers by improving production processes with innovative solutions for data collection and management from machinery and test systems.

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Our Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience with National Instruments products, we know what it takes to build complex software products that exceed expectations. We achieve this by meeting with scientists, engineers, and final users early on to better understand both the technical and business needs of their projects; helping them move quickly from prototypes to commercially-available products. We adopt Agile software development which provides continuous customer involvement in the development process and proposes an approach focused on the goal to deliver quickly and frequently, functional and quality software to the customer.


Our Solutions

From developing instrument control software for industrial automation, test and measurement applications to building large-scale commercial, mission-critical applications. We apply advanced engineering tools, best practices and draw from our depth of knowledge to every project. We’re committed to creating valuable tools that help our customers to deliver high-quality solutions. We’ve built a suite of data acquisition tools that solve measurement acquisition problems for researchers and technicians around the globe. We are totally committed to our partner network and customers to turn their ideas into amazing solutions.


Our People

We’re not average software developers. We rely on our collective expertise and senior-level LabVIEW experience with several Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA) to build one-of-a-kind solutions for our clients.


Research and Development

TOOLS for SMART MINDS has always been involved in research and development projects in the most innovative software technologies and is part of the companies accredited by QuESTIO.
QUESTIO is a system for the recognition of the competences of the Research and Innovation Centers of Lombardy in Italy.
In order to carry out innovation projects, companies can search and select technology partners through this by consulting information on offered services, skills, infrastructures, networks and collaborations. QuESTIO allows you to participate in R&I funding calls.




What distinguishes us?


We are experts in the field

We are more than just a technological company: we are experts in the field with extensive experience in our fields, with graduate staff and certified LabVIEW Architect.


We have been working in our sector for more than 20 years, managing to solve all the problems of our customers.

Direct support

The urgencies and problems can happen: with us, you have the guarantee of a company that knows how to help you. And unlike most consulting firms, the people you meet are the people you work with.

Speed without compromise

We know how to provide exceptional response times for specific customization requests, without neglecting quality.

Our products are unmatched

We develop our software internally: we are disconnected from restrictions or restrictive company licenses. This allows us to reinvest continuously in the development and improvement of products.

Solutions designed for the needs of your company

We create solutions that adapt perfectly to the needs of your company, easily scalable to grow with your business and respond to the new demands that technological progress is bringing.