A step into the future of
data measurement


Focus on tests and measurements.
Let iDaq do the rest.

The Simplest Way to Acquire Signals

iDaq Software is the most intuitive and innovative solution that let you acquire signals from different devices - sensors, machinery and National Instruments equipment.

The Most Time-saving Datalogger

iDaq recognizes acquisition hardware and automatically configures it to utilize its full potential, so you can save a lot of time and effort.

For this reason it’s ideal for
> non-technical users.
> tests with different configurations.

User-Friendly? Yes.


The intuitive interface boost productivity helping users in every step and simplifies the management of all connected sensors and devices.

Focus on your work, not on how to use our software.

View and Record Signals, Regardless of the Physical Location of the Measurement Systems

Multiple users can connect to an acquisition device simultaneously.

A Datalogger?
Much More Than That.

iDaq has a lot of integrable apps to visualize, analize, create automatic reports and send data where needed.

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Endless Possibilities with Developer Toolkit

Develop your custom apps or drivers with our Developer Toolkit.
Create custom drivers to connect with every single device you need or create custom functions, it’s all up to you.

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